Airtool – the Wireshark Sidekick

There’s one more piece to the puzzle to make monitor mode captures on OS X really functional – Airtool is a free download from Adrian Granados. Do yourself a favor, take a short detour to his site here and check out all of his apps. Wifi Signal and Wifi Explorer are both well worth the small cost and do a great job at optimizing your access to the wifi info hitting your machine.

But back to Airtool – free download. Airtool sits in your menu bar and gives you quick draw access to capture settings. Take a look:

Airtool Menu
Airtool can change the channel in a live capture via the Channel menu



Channel Change!
Channel change mid-capture. That’s how we roll.

Airtool can start it’s own captures and then open them in Wireshark for you when stopped. Basically, Airtool is a better interface to the OS X wireless diagnostics capture utility.

Better yet – you can have Airtool disconnect from the current WLAN for you. OS X doesn’t do this well on it’s own (option + click on the wifi icon for the option, but it will usually just reconnect).


You’ll also notice that you can set the capture channel width – dependent of course on your internal NIC’s capabilities.


The preferences menu lets you make some tweaks to the status icon, set the capture file location. With Airtool and Wireshark on OS X, you’ve got all you need to do 0-80 (MHz) in under 10 seconds!




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