Cisco Live! recap – Sunday

Wow – what a trip. My feet have finally stopped smoking. Note to self: next time, stay at the Mandalay bay next to the convention centre, you’ll still get plenty of exercise.

My memory of the finer details are fading fast, so here’s my shotgun recap for Sunday:

Sunday: I met an old buddy, Steve in Calgary, and we carried onto Vegas. We got checked into the hotel, and headed to the convention centre to pick up our badges and CLUS backpacks. Immediately, many of us who had “met” on twitter some time back were coordinating to meet up in person, like an awkward online dating experience, but with fewer expectations 😉

The convention centre is huge. and 3 floors. Steve and I were headed down the escalators from the 3rd floor when lo’ and behold… a wild Rob Boardman appeared riding upwards. A ‘shoot from the hip’ kind of guy, when we realized what was happening, I could see the gears turning. salmon-run-600x401He evaluated his options, turned around on the upwards traveling escalator, and began heading downwards to rendezvous with us. I felt like I was watching the #VegasSalmonRun watching Rob weave his way against the natural flow (even though there was no chance of any spawning). We noted that, for the remainder of the week, there were signs posted at the escalators to remind everyone to pay attention to the direction of travel. Rob made an immediate impression on CLUS.

Robb is the brains behind Hub Holster. If you do Wi-Fi site surveys, check out the site. More cool products are in development too – keep an eye on this sockeye.

Stoked to bask in the warm glow that is Rob’s in-person presence, we carried on our twitter escapade to combine the gravity of our own stars with the rest of the twitter galaxy.  Next thing I know, Steve, Robb and I ended up at “the Hub” of CLUS where we had the pleasure of meeting the Matts – Haedo and Ouellette (NOT a voice guy FYI) – two “CCIE pending”s – follow them to join the struggle. Ask them about the RSv5 written exam.

Hungry, we began wandering into the Mandalay bay looking for sustenance, catching up along the way with Rob #2, whom I refer to as superman. Superman is a longtime mentor of mine, and the nickname is not (just) because he’s a hero. Superman is no here.

Lunch at Citizen’s. One of the last moments of calm for the whole week, and a good start to new friendships.

Rob (superman), Steve and I would later meet up with another old friend, Schwaby for the Canadian world domination conference dinner at gfx-facebookTom Colicchio’s CraftSteak. What an awesome way to burn a hole in your pocket. Amazing steak, amazing food. The four of us were once upon a time all doing time at the same company. Together, we’re kind of like the power rangers, a bunch of Cisco engineers covering RS, Wireless, Collab, Security, and DC.

Sunday was a great day. I learned quickly that the people and new connections will without a doubt end up being the best thing about CLUS.

More recaps and new people to come.

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