Application for CWNE

Thank you for considering my application for CWNE. Over the past few years, I have come to respect and trust CWNP as an amazing resource for learning how to design, deploy and optimize wireless networks. Early in my career as a network engineer, I knew I would need to gain a much deeper understanding of the theory of Wi-Fi in order to fairly call myself a wireless engineer, and was disheartened at the lack of widely available material, until I discovered CWNP. Today, I feel that I have been able to take over a decade of experience in the networking industry and fill in so many of the gaps in knowledge with the time I have spent in the CWNP program. While I know that I will always have much more to learn, I now have a strong grasp of the proper design process and I can see that my wireless implementations have become vastly more effective.

Please find the required documentation linked below. Endorsements will be sent to CWNP directly.

I look forward to answering your questions, and continuing to develop as a member of the CWNP community.

CWNE Application

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Wireless Documentation Essays:

 1 – End to End QoS in a Wireless World

2 – Predictive WLAN design

3 – Security and Stability in an Unstable Environment

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